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The only true comprehensive musculoskeletal solution in the marketplace!

Integrated Musculoskeletal Care (IMC), is the only musculoskeletal (MSK) solution vendor in the market that has redesigned the broken delivery model. IMC has replaced this “usual care” system with a highly standardized model built on best practices. This eliminates the highly variable practice patterns as well as high rates of misdiagnosis and the lack of quality control revealed by the scientific data.

IMC's comprehensive musculoskeletal solutions are unmatched in care delivery and quality of care.

Providing both in-person and digital treatment options for MSK conditions in addition to a self-care mobile application, IMC ensures patients receive the appropriate level of treatment. This ensures patients are able to resolve their symptoms as quickly as possible eliminating the need for costly and unnecessary medications, digital imaging, and surgery.



IMC’s JointStrong® programs provide patients convenient access to MSK services throughout the United States, ensuring optimum healthcare service and value.

  • Clinical Care Sites – 175+ in 33 States

  • Virtual Care - National Network

  • Mobile and Web App - National Network

  • Health Coaching - National Network

  • Secondary Clinical Care Providers - +4,000

National Network of PT / Chiro Providers

Telehealth &

On-Site Delivery Options

Innovative Care Coordination Team

No Hardware Required To Receive Care


Results that matter, based on 1 million patient encounters and counting.


The outcomes below are based on a 9-year case study with a Fortune 500 employer. Based on these results, IMC guarantees a 25% cost savings in MSK spend for clients.


Why invest in an MSK Solution?

The need is growing for treatment and care. Over the past decade, the number of individuals who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) has increased by more than 25%. This percentage is expected to increase with an aging population.


MSDs have a significant impact on the development and exacerbation of other health conditions and co-morbidities. This includes obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, drug addiction, and mental health disorders. Individuals with severe orthopedic pain may also find exercise, hobbies, and other forms of self-care so painful that they are no longer able to engage in these activities. This can lead to weight gain, depression, and other related health concerns.

Research shows, musculoskeletal health is so directly related to one’s quality of life and overall health that the MSD burden has created an enormous social strain. Logic dictates and the data shows this MSD burden extends well beyond the patient; MSDs have created an economic crisis for organizations worldwide.


Research also shows MSDs represent 4% of the $17.3 Trillion Gross US Domestic Product (GDP), and are a Top-3 expenditure for Fortune 500 employers. This often accounts for more than 20% of Fortune 500 employers’ medical expenditures under group health insurance plans and represents an estimated 80% of Fortune 500 workers’ compensation and disability expenditures. At a minimum, MSDs in the United States are an $859 billion health, human performance, and economic challenge for individuals, organizations, and society at large.


How do patients receive care with IMC?

IMC’s solutions are designed to fit the unique needs of both the patient and the employer/payer while creating access to the highest quality MSK care. This is accomplished through IMC’s JointStrong® suite of programs which assess the symptoms and determines the most appropriate level of care using our proprietary triage process. This links patients to the appropriate level of care for diagnoses and treatment of their condition.

The ONLY SOLUTION AVAILABLE with Evidence-based assessment, diagnosis, and treatment

IMC's quality-assured medical management model removes provider variability, improves diagnostic capability, and creates a continuous learning environment for clinicians. Thus optimizing the MSK outcomes through its JointStrong® brand.


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Self-Care Application

JointStrong® Mobile App and Health Coaching


Programmed with insights and intelligence gathered in more than 1 million patient encounters, the JointStrong® mobile/web app provides users personalized access to a self-assessment module that will build a custom treatment plan based upon the data entered during the guided self-assessment. Health coaches are trained to assist in the administration of the self-care program and to answer technical questions related to the app. 

Virtual Care


JointStrong® Virtual Care Platform


A virtual network of highly trained and standardized PT/Chiro providers covering 49 states, creating virtual access to remote or highly distributed workforces and individuals who prefer or need technology to access high-value care.  JointStrong® Virtual Care offers live video-based Telehealth visits, secure messaging, and video-based exercises and plans of care to patients.

Conservative Care Clinics

 JointStrong® Advanced Conservative Care Network


A national network of highly trained, standardized, and quality assured PT/Chiro providers capable of managing complex MSK cases and removing excessive, unnecessary imaging, injection treatments, and/or surgical care.

Occupational Health

Prevention and Occupational Health Programs


Utilizing proprietary training programs and triage training for occupational health nurses. IMC’s JointStrong® prevention program reduces OSHA 300 recordable events and provides the same high-value clinical care for cases escalating beyond the first aid level.

Triage Training

JointStrong® Primary Care Triage Training


Proprietary training to optimize the PCP’s ability to triage MSK patients and match them to the appropriate level of care. The triage training teaches PCPs to identify low-complexity MSK cases and manage these cases with IMC self-care protocols and escalate more complex cases to care within the JointStrong® network of advanced conservative care providers and/or virtual care network.

IMC'S JointStrong® digital solution

JointStrong® Health Coaches are readily available through the call center to triage patients into the correct treatment sub-group. This ensures only self-care-capable conditions are steered into the appropriate level of care while more complex cases are steered towards a clinical encounter with a JointStrong® credentialed provider.  IMC’s virtual network of quality trained Physical Therapists and Chiropractic providers, covering 49 states, provides virtual access to remote or highly distributed workforces and individuals. 


The IMC method is simple but effective. IMC’s JointStrong® programs utilize the Dartmouth ADTO Delivery System and adjusted practice patterns adopted over 1 million patient encounters.

  • Makes Solution Reproducible

  • Creates Scalability

  • Removes Variability

  • Determines Root Cause and Source

  • Stratifies Patients into Relevant Subgroups

  • Guarantees Patient Receives the Right Care

  • Reduces Utilization of Unnecessary / Ineffective Services

  • Decreases Duration of Episode

  • Measures What Matters

  • Validates Clinical Effectiveness


IMC’s JointStrong® programs are built on the principles of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), which has demonstrated excellent inter-tester reliability for clinicians who are well trained and utilize a Response Based Assessment™ (RBA).  This allows the clinician to rapidly sub-classify the patient into one of the five management groups (Mechanical, Chemical, Surgical, Behavioral or Red Flag), and thus matching the patient’s condition with the most appropriate treatment.