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Your answer for Back, Neck, Joint, and Muscle Pain

Occupational Health and Prevention

Integrated Musculoskeletal Care of Tuscaloosa serves Michelin employees who suffer from muscle and joint pain with in-person clinical assessments and treatment of occupational orthopedic conditions from its office located inside the medical department of BFG3.

Our conservative approach to musculoskeletal conditions aids in the timely reduction of pain while restoring function and preventing future reoccurrence.


Logan Rozeboom, DC, Cert. MDT



No Cost Treatment

For you and your family members covered on your Michelin Health Plan. * Union employees are only eligible for occupational needs.

Efficient Care

Most cases resolve within 5 visits.


Proven Results

95% of patients report a reduction or elimination in their pain.

Convenient location

IMC of Tuscaloosa is located in the Michelin Medical Department of BFG3

Reading Map on Mobile

IMC of Tuscaloosa

5101 21st Street
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Schedule an appointment with your on-site IMC Clinician today by calling:



Located inside the Michelin Medical Center at BFG3.

Telehealth Treatment AVAILABLE

Telehealth allows patients to schedule appointments with our certified clinicians for the full diagnostic assessment and treatment of their condition from the comfort of their chosen environment. 

IMC Telehealth Clinicians evaluate and treat symptoms using the same methods applied during in-person care to assist patients in a safe recovery, complete with education specific to their condition. 

Telehealth Benefits:

No referral is needed to schedule your first Telehealth appointment.

Receive the same quality care with an IMC JointStrong® Clinician as in person care.

Appointments can be performed from the convenience of places like home and work.

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