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for the treatment of joint and muscle pain


IMC’s JointStrong® is a comprehensive program for the assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions like pain and function loss in the neck, back, hip, and other joints and is scientifically proven to offer both a safer and faster recovery time while preventing conditions from returning.


 Try the JointStrong® Self-Care App 100%! It is 100% FREE to Pitney-Bowes for the treatment of minor muscle and joint pain symptoms!

JointStrong® can help with things like

• Arthritis

• Back | Neck Pain

• Sports Injury

• Tendonitis

• Tennis Elbow

• Achilles | Foot Pain


• Post Surgical Pain

• Sciatica

• Stenosis

• Herniated Disc

• Meniscus | ACL Tear

• Carpal Tunnel

• Labrum Tear

• Bone Spur

• Sprain | Strain

• Headache

• Shin Splint

• Bursitis

• Fibromyalgia


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Commonly asked questions about IMC's JointStrong® Program for Pitney Bowes:

What services does IMC provide?

  • Condition Assessment and Treatment for musculoskeletal conditions by a Jointstrong® certified, licensed physical therapist and/or chiropractor trained in advanced MDT methods

  • Initial Assessment and Treatment for lower complexity symptom  via the JointStrong® Web App complete with Health Coaching

  • Musculoskeletal Prevention, Education and Support via the JointStrong® Web App complete with Health Coaching

Where are  IMC's services available?

IMC’s services are nationwide!

  1. In-person Clinicial Care and Treatment: Available in select geographic regions. For availability in your area please contact IMC's Care Coordination at 855-293-0340

  2. Video-based Telehealth Care and Treatment: Available in 49 states (not currently available in Alaska)

  3. Guided Self-Care and Treatment: Available nationwide

  4. Prevention Education and Instruction: Available nationwide

Visits with licensed Physical Therapist and/or Chiropractor:

  • No Cost for PPO/EPO/HRA enrollees in the Cigna and UHC medical plans.

  • $50 per visit for HSA Plan enrollees until deductible is met and then no cost after deductible is met. 

Guided Self-Care with Health Coaching: 

  • No Cost to all enrollees in Cigna and UHC medical plans. 

Prevention Education and Self-Care without support: 

  • Free to everyone regardless of medical plan

What is the cost of IMC's services?

Why choose IMC

JointStrong® Program  Benefits

Quality care with a JointStrong® certified, licensed physical therapist or chiropractor

No referral is necessary to schedule the first appointment with an IMC clinician

Convenient treatment options including In-person, Telehealth, Guided Self-Care with Health Coaching, and Prevention

Scientifically proven to offer both a safer and faster recovery time

No Cost for PPO/EPO/HRA enrollees and after deductible is met for HSA Plan enrollees with Cigna and UHC medical plans

Have questions? Call 855.293.0340 or leave us a message below to learn more about these services or to schedule an initial assessment with IMC today!

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