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for the treatment of joint and muscle pain


IMC’s JointStrong® is a comprehensive program for the assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions like pain and function loss in the neck, back, hip, and other joints and is scientifically proven to offer both a safer and faster recovery time while preventing conditions from returning.


Use provider code: RML

Commonly asked questions about IMC's JointStrong® Program for RML:

What services does IMC provide?

Initial assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions including joint or muscle pain in the neck, back, hip, knee or shoulder by a licensed physical therapist or chiropractor.

JointStrong® App for members seeking prevention support or those with lower complexity symptoms.

Where are IMC's services available?

IMC’s services are nationwide. Offering both Video-based Telehealth and in-person treatment depending on the patient’s geographic location.

What is the cost of IMC's services?

There is no out of pocket cost for RML employees or their enrolled dependents to receive care from IMC.

Why choose IMC

JointStrong® Program  Benefits

No referral is necessary to schedule the first appointment with an IMC clinician

Convenient treatment options including In-person, Telehealth, Self-Care

Quality care with a JointStrong® certified, licensed physical therapist or chiropractor

100% fully covered benefit to plan members provided by RML Automotive


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