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Hip Extension


» Begin by kneeling on the symptomatic leg with your opposite leg in a lunge position.
» Place your hand on the back of your symptomatic hip.
» Push your hip forward as far as possible to achieve end range strain.
» Do not allow the torso to bend forward.
» Return to a neutral position after each repetition.

Here are some responses to look out for:

» Prolonged poor posture (moving in the opposite direction of your exercises) may undo the positive effects of your extension exercises.
» Do not lean forward at the waist when performing this exercise.
» Try to perform in sets of 5 and rest up to 30 seconds in between. You may also get up and walk around if necessary. If your hip pain increases and remains increased for more than 15 minutes, try reducing the number of repetitions (ask your Health Coach for help). If repetitions are not the problem, the intensity of the hip loaded extension may need to be decreased, you do this by decreasing the distance that you lunge.
» Further problems require the help of your Health Coach.

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