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Shoulder Internal Rotation


» Stand upright with your right/left hand placed behind your back, your thumb pointing upward.
» Grab the raised wrist with your opposite hand.
» Maintain the wrist on your spine.
» Pull the wrist upwards towards your head. Make sure the wrist stays in contact with your spine
» Return to starting position. Move further into end range with each repetition.

Here are some responses to look out for:

» Make sure to keep your wrist as close to your spine as possible against your back while performing this movement.
» Do not lean forward or protrude your head when performing this exercise.
» If your shoulder pain increases and remains increased for longer than 15 minutes, try reducing the number of repetitions and frequency. Ask your Health Coach for help. If repetitions are not the problem, you may need to decrease the intensity of your range of motion.
» Further problems require the help of your Health Coach.

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